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Book Cover: The Equation that Couldn't Be Solved.

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Other Maths Books

Matrix Inequalities



Mean Value Theorems and Functional Equations


A Journey into Linear Analysis (1Ed_Cambridge_2007)

Translations of Mathematical Monographs

Applications of Variational Inequalities in Stochastic Control

Solving Mathematics Problems

The Free High School Science Texts

A Course in Combinatorics

Entropy and Partial Differential Equations

Variational Analysis and Generalized.Differentiation.II.Applications

A Course in Universal Algebra

Basic Simple Type Theory

Topological and Metric Spaces Banach Space

Introduction to Topological Manifolds


Asymptotic cones and functions in optimization and variational inequalities

Theory and Problems of Advanced Calculus

Squaring Number

Algebraric Inequalities

Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad 2008(រឿង សោភ័ណ្ឌ)

Problems in Elementary Number Theory

Hanoi Open Mathematical Olympiad

Elementary Number Theory

College Algebra

How to Solve Problems on Calculus

How to Solve it

40 puzzles and Probability and Mathematicscall ?

Small Function Equation and How to Solve Them

The Analysis Art

Ants, Bike and Clock Problems for Undergraduate

Aha! Solutions

Advanced Mathematical Thinking


Basic Engineering Mathematics

The Book of Numbers

Exercises in Classical Ring Theory

Exercises in Basic Ring Analysis

Problems in Real Analysis

Complex Analysis

Real Analysis

Linear Algebra: An introduce with concurrent examples

Mathematical Statistics: Exercises and Solution

Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equation: Problems and Solutions

Algebra through practice book6 rings fiels and modules



Fourier Analysis

Problems in Real and Complex Analysis

Complex analysis through examples and exercises

Problems in Mathematical Analysis I

Complex analysis through examples and exercises

Problems and Theorem in Analysis II

Complex Variables and Applications

Williams, Hardy – redbook of maths problems.


Solved and Unsolved problems in Number theory

Solutions for Langs undergraduate analysis problem book

Problem Book In High School Mathematics

Polya – Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning – Vol 2

Polya – Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning – Vol 1

Polya – Mathematical Discovery

Old And New Problems And Results In Combinatorial Number Theory

Combinatorics, a problem oriented approach

Wining Solutions

Problems solving through Problems

In Polya’s footsteps

Unsolved Problems vol 1

Problems In Geometry


Arnold Vladimir I. Arnold Vladimir’s Problems

Complex Variables and Application-Solutions

One Thousand Exercises in Probabilities

Problems of Calculus of One Variable

Fourie Analysis. An Introduction

Algebra Problems

The Theory Number

An Introduction to Inequalities

Elementary Inequalities

Topics in Inequalities-Theorems and Techniques(Hojoo Lee)

Inequalities Proposed in Crux Mathematicorum

Inequalities for Random Variables

567-Nice and Hard Inequalities (Duy Tung)

All the best from Vietnamese Problems Solving Journal(The Mathscope)

Analytic Inequalities

Old and New Inequalities

Secrets in Inequalities (Pham Kim Hung)

Topic in Inequalities Technique

The Cauchy-Schwarz-Master Class




math grade 12 session 2


math grade 12 session 1

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